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Christian education involves the whole person; it is desirable that all elements, which bear on the education of a student, properly reinforce one another.   CGCS exists to educate children of Christian parents; therefore, it is important that a Christian school be supported by Christian families and the local church. The school’s purpose is not to replace the training of the home and the church, but rather to complement them. This means that all three should be in Biblical agreement regarding the education of the child.  Therefore, it is necessary that all parents agree with the mission, philosophy and educational goals of the school.

The following admission policy has been adopted to assure consistent standards of admission in agreement with the school’s philosophy, educational goals and mission:

1. In order to fulfill the purpose for the school’s existence, priority is given to Christian students from Christian homes, provided they meet the school’s admissions requirements. If space is available, students from non-Christian homes may be admitted. Their parents must whole-heartedly support the education philosophy, goals and policies and procedures of CGCS.

2. The parents must agree by signature that:

The school has full discretion in the discipline of their child within the boundaries of the school’s discipline policy.

The school has full discretion for the grade placement of their child.

They will meet all tuition and other financial obligations.

They will willingly support the school in prayer and in lending practical help.

3. School personnel will interview parents and students. Except in unusual circumstances, both parents will be interviewed, as will their children.

4. CGCS reserves the right to review all previous records and other professional records deemed necessary. Entrance testing is required of all students new to the school. The results will be used to decide on admission and class placement. Primary areas of testing include reading comprehension, language mechanics, and mathematics computation. For regular acceptance, students must score in the 55thpercentile or above. Probationary acceptance will be granted to students whose scores fall between the 45th and 55th percentile. Stanford Achievement or Iowa Basic test scores from another school will be considered if the tests were administered within the past school year and the results fall within the school’s acceptance range.

5. Each applicant entering school for the first time in pre-school to eighth grade must have a valid immunization record and a physical examination signed by a physician. Students in grades K4 through first must have a lead screening before the first day of school. Students participating in athletics are required to have a physical prior to their participation.

6. Transfer students, in grades 6 – 12 shall be given full credit for courses that meet CGCS credit requirements. Credits from other schools will only be granted for grades of “C” (70%) or higher.

7. No students who are married, single parents, pregnant or who are the cause of a pregnancy will knowingly be admitted.

8. A new student application is to be completed for each student and submitted with the non-refundable application fee so that the admission process can begin.

9. Prospective K4 students must be four (4) years old by September 1 of the school year and prospective K5 students must be five (5) years old by September 1 of the school year. Proof of age by a birth certificate must be presented as part of the application process. First graders must be six (6) by September 1.

10. Once the re-enrollment process begins, the only way you can be assured of a place for your child for the following year is to register during the re-enrollment period. Following this, enrollment will be opened to the public.

11. Once classes in a specific grade are filled, a waiting pool will be created. Consideration for enrollment will be based on the following factors: acceptance of a sibling into a grade that does not have a waiting pool, report cards, recommendation letters from the previous school, and standardized test scores.

12. When teachers and staff at CGCS apply for admission of their first child, they will be considered to be a school family and have the same priority accorded a school family.

13. The Administration may refuse to admit a student with a negative discipline history, severe psychological problems, a diagnosed learning disability, severe handicaps and/or an unsatisfactory academic record. Students who were expelled or dismissed from another school during the current or previous school year will not be admitted.

14. A student’s name will be placed on a class list only after the application process is completed, including the payment of all applicable fees.

15. All students in grades 6-12 will annually sign a Student Code of Conduct.