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Winona Addison

Title: Teacher

E-mail: winona.addison@cgcseagles.org

Celia Arrington

Celia Arrington graduated from Howard University in Washington, DC, with her Bachelors of Science Degree. She has completed several courses in Biblical Studies at the National Bible College in Fort Washington, Maryland, where she also served as an English teacher. She completed a Hermeneutics course from Wesley Theological Seminary and has also obtained several certificates from attending Bob Jones University teacher training classes. Ms. Arrington faithfully served at National Christian Academy for 23 years in both teacher and supervisory positions. She joyfully joined the staff here at GBCS for the 2017-2018 school year.

Title: High School English Teacher

E-mail: celia.arrington@cgcseagles.org

Linda Brooks

Title: Accounts Receivable 

E-mail: linda.brooks@cgcseagles.org

Tel/Ext: 351

Charlene Bigham

Mrs. Bigham received her BS degree in Elementary Education from Misericordia College and her Master’s in Curriculum and Instruction from McDaniel College. She has been teaching since 1987. Mrs. Bigham is a certified NILD therapist and she is certified by the International Dyslexia Association. She has been at GBCS since 2000.

Title: Director of Discovery 

E-mail: charlene.bigham@cgcseagles.org

Dept.: Discovery

Tel/Ext: 337

Abigail Brumbaugh

Title: Teacher

E-mail: abigail.brumbaugh@cgcseagles.org

Ana Castillo

Title: Food Service/Cook

Keith Childress

Mr. Childress graduated from Oral Roberts University with a BA degree. While at ORU he was one of the TV Singers on the Oral Roberts Telecast. He is a songwriter whose songs have been recorded by such artists as Micah Stampley, Bishop TD Jakes and the Potter's House, Alvin Slaughter, Carman, RonKenoly, Beverly Crawford and many more.


Performed in The Democratic Republic of The Congo,

 St. Thomas (US Virgin Islands), Zimbabwe,

Tortola (British Virgin Islands), Swaziland (Africa)

Norway, England, Jamaica, Bahamas, Trinidad, South Africa, Guyana and Canada

Villanova University Choir Workshop, Montclair State University Gospel Choir-Director

Hickam Airforce Base – Choir Workshop, Hawaii

Freedom Celebration Tour, South Africa, 1995

“That Gospel Feeling” Off Broadway”

Smithsonian Institute 2003/ Summer Academy Music Teacher

Oklahoma State University, Big Eight Conference Workshops

Oral Roberts University, Co-produced Souls A’fire Album, ORU Souls A’fire National Tour   

Title: Music Teacher

E-mail: keith.childress@cgcseagles.org

Dept.: Education


Angela Coburn

Title: Middle School English Teacher

E-mail: angela.coburn@cgcseagles.org

Dept.: Education


Renee Conaway

Renée Conaway graduated from the University of Maryland in College Park, Maryland, with a BA degree in Government. She also earned a master’s degree in Theology from Virginia Union University in Richmond, Virginia. After working in government and private industry, she taught at local Christian schools, as well as in the Newport News, and Fairfax County Public School systems in Virginia. Along with three other educators, she founded a tutoring ministry which operated for 5 years, providing free tutoring services, clothes, and lunches for elementary students. She has been a part of the GBCS family since 2017. 

Title: Teacher

E-mail: renee.conaway@cgcseagles.org

Dept.: Education


Norma Conklin

Miss Conklin received her BA degree in Elementary and Early Childhood Education from Villa Marie College. She has been teaching since 1986. Additionally, she is the assistant cheerleading coach and is involved in youth ministries at Grace Brethren Church.

Title: Grade 3 Teacher

E-mail: norma.conklin@cgcseagles.org

Dept.: Education

Tel/Ext: 406

Dr. Marcus Curry

Title: Director of Curriculum and Assessment 

E-mail: marcus.curry@cgcseagles.org

Dept.: Education Office

Tel/Ext: 376

Anita D'Abreu

Title: Teacher

E-mail: anita.d'abreu@cgcseagles.org

Dept.: Education


Beverly Daniel

Title: Teacher

E-mail: beverly.daniel@cgcseagles.org

Dept.: Education


Rachel DePaulo

Mrs. DePaulo attended GBCS from K5 through grade 12. She earned a BS degree from the University of Maryland in 2005 and completed a Master’s degree in Curriculum & Instruction from McDaniel College in 2011. Before joining the staff as a resource teacher in January 2006, she worked as a summer camp counselor, substitute teacher, and day care worker. She also did two internships at Brandywine Elementary School.

Title: Grade Level Chair/K5 Teacher/K3-K5 Chapels

E-mail: rachel.depaulo@cgcseagles.org

Dept.: Education

Tel/Ext: 473

Dr. Prince Frimpong, Ed.D.

Director, Student Services

Grace Brethren Christian School

Phone:  301-868-1600 - x365

Email: dr.prince.frimpong@cgcseagles.org

Eurmin Gadson

Eurmin Gadson is a wife, mother, and homeschool teacher who joined the GBCS staff in 2016 as the elementary librarian.  She believes she is living her dream job: working with kids and books. With her love of reading, she hopes to motivate students to read more and to broaden their knowledge about people groups, places, and things in the world.  She earned a degree from University of the District of Columbia in Mass Media and has experience working at another private school library in Largo. 

Title: Librarian

E-mail: eurmin.gadson@cgcseagles.org

Dept.: Education

Tel/Ext.: 338

Sue Gilmour

Sue Gilmour received a certificate from the Medix School in 1980 as a medical assistant. She ran a home-based transcription business for 22 years, and has worked over the past 17 years as a classroom aide, library assistant, substitute teacher, and substitute health aide at GBCS. She joined the full-time staff in 2008.

Title: Administrative Secretary

E-Mail: sue.gilmour@cgcseagles.org

Dept.: Administration

Tel/Ext: 320

Cheryl Gresham

Title: Academic Advisor/Teacher

E-mail: cheryl.gresham@cgcseagles.org

Jada Harris

Title: Director of Education, Lead Administrator

E-mail: jada.harris@cgcseagles.org

Dept.: Admin Office

Tel/Ext: 358

Jada Harris is an experienced educator with a passion for shaping young minds and fostering a Christ-centered environment. With over 30 years of dedication to the field of education, Jada has made a profound impact on countless students' lives throughout her career.

With a Bachelor of Science degree in Middle School Education and General Science from Wesleyan College, she bolstered her teaching foundation with a Master of Education in Educational Leadership from Regent University. Her academic qualifications and educational experiences have equipped her with the knowledge and skills necessary to provide exceptional leadership and guidance to the school and its community.

Jada's journey at Clinton Grace Christian School began in 2001, where she served as Science and Math teacher for middle school, progressing into the role of Director of Education and Discipline. Today Jada is the Lead Administrator and Director of Education. In partnership with Clinton Grace Church, her unwavering commitment to the school's mission and values has been instrumental in its growth and success over the past two decades.

As the Director of Education, Jada and her team strive to create a loving and nurturing environment where students have the opportunity to experience salvation and discipleship. She believes in offering an academically excellent education that not only prepares students for their future careers but also develops them into responsible citizens who represent Christ in every aspect of life. Jada's hope and passion for the students at Clinton Grace Christian School are that “when they graduate, their achievements and character will be noticed wherever they go - by the community, higher education institutions, and colleagues in the workplace.” She strives to ensure that the Christian educational institution she leads loves, trains, and prepares students to walk their path with excellence, equipping them for a future filled with faith and success.

Valerie Henson

Title: Administrative Assistant, Education Office

E-mail: valerie.henson@cgcseagles.org

Andre Johnson

Mr. Johnson graduated from the University of Maryland, College Park, with a Bachelor’s Degree in English with a concentration in Creative Writing. He is working on obtaining a Master’s in Education with Grand Canyon University.  Mr. Johnson has taught for over twenty years in Prince George’s County, at local Christian schools and the public school system before he joined the staff here at GBCS for 2022-2023.

Title: Middle School History Teacher

E-mail: andre.johnson@cgcseagles.org


Athlea Kinyanjui

Title: K3 instructor

E-mail: athlea.kinyanjui@cgcseagles.org

George Kinyanjui

George Kinyanjui graduated from Free Gospel Bible Institute, Export, PA, with a Pastoral Diploma and Teacher’s Education Diploma (Evangelical Teacher’s Association).  He earned a BBE (Bachelors of Biblical Education) and ThB (Bachelors of Theology) respectively from Carver College, Atlanta, GA.  He attended graduate school at Capital Bible Seminary in Lanham, MD, earning a Master’s degree (M.A.) in Theology.

Mr. Kinyanjui taught for several years at local Christian schools, public school systems, and at the College of Southern Maryland as an adjunct professor before he joined the staff here at GBCS for 2015-2016.

Title: High School Bible Teacher

E-mail: george.kinyanjui@cgcseagles.org

Dept.: Education

Tel/Ext.: 409

Dale Lantz

Miss Lantz received her BA in Bible and Christian Education from Washington Bible College and her TH.M from American Bible College. She has been featured in Who’s Who of America’s Teachers. Her teaching career began 1979 and she has been on the staff of GBCS since 1988. She was trained by NILD, gained Level III certification, and joined the Discovery Staff for the 2007-2008 school year.

Title: Discovery Therapist

E-Mail: dale.lantz@cgcseagles.org

Dept.: Discovery

Tel/Ext: 419

Sharon Loufik

Mrs. Loufik graduated magna cum laude and received her BA degree in Foreign Language from Millersville State University and Philipps Universität, in Marburg, West Germany. She received her MA degree from the Capital Bible Seminary. She received her Teaching English as a Foreign Language Certification (TEFL) through the Peace Corps in Africa. She has been teaching since 1990. In addition to coordinating the Home School Program, Mrs. Loufik teaches French. She joined the GBCS staff in 1999.

Title: Home School Director/French II Teacher

E-mail: sharon.loufik@cgcseagles.org

Dept.: Education

Tel/Ext: 329

Katherine Mack

Ms. Mack graduated from the University of Maryland with a BS degree in Computer Science. She worked for the Department of Agriculture and the National Grain and Feed Association as a computer specialist for over 13 years before joining the CGCS staff in 2008. Ms. Mack has 5 wonderful children who have all graduated from CGCS.

Title: High School and Middle School Computer/Technology Teacher

E-mail: kathy.mack@cgcseagles.org

Dept.: Education

Tel/Ext: 400

Karen McClure

Mrs. McClure graduated with a BS degree from Strayer College in 1990. She did extensive substitute teaching at GBCS and joined the staff as a full time teacher for the 2007-2008 school year.  Mrs. McClure is ACSI certified.

Title: Grade 1 Teacher, Dress Code Coordinator, Elementary Grade Level Chair

E-mail: karen.mcclure@cgcseagles.org

Dept.: Education

Tel/Ext: 407

Kira Mohler

Miss Kira Mohler graduated from Liberty University in 2011 with a degree in English. She completed her student teaching at GBCS. After teaching middle school English for 7 years, she currently teaches American Literature, Composition, Digital Journalism, and Creative Writing. She also enjoys helping with the Drama production and designing the Elementary Yearbook. 

Title: High School English Teacher

E-mail: kira.mohler@cgcseagles.org

Dept.: Education

Tel/Ext: 404

Reggie Moore

Mr. Moore is a fitness enthusiast above all else.

His academic background, however, came from his degree in Engineering focusing on Aerospace. After years of substitute teaching, tutoring, and teaching home-school classes he found his passion was truly in teaching and inspiring future generations into men and women of excellence representing Christ in all walks of life.

The passion for fitness come in many forms though.  Mr. Moore participates in activities, such as: martial arts, bouldering, hiking, snowboarding, cross training, gymnastics, soccer, basketball, parkour, football, and if there is a new opportunity to try something different it will soon be added to the list.

Formerly a PE and Health teacher for grades, 6th through high school.  Mr. Moore desires to inspire and pass on as much of his passion as he can to all of his students. 

Title: Math Teacher

E-mail: reggie.moore@cgcseagles.org

Anita Mudge

Mrs. Mudge has worked for Christian Schools since 1984. She joined the GBCS staff in 1990.

Title: Accounts Payable/Benefits

E-Mail: anita.mudge@cgcseagles.org

Dept.: Administration

Tel/Ext: 346 

George Mudge

Title: Custodial and Maintenance Assistant

E-mail: george.mudge@cgcseagles.org

Samuel Odenyo

Title: High School Math Teacher

E-mail: samuel.odenyo@cgcseagles.org

Devin Paige

Devin Paige joined the CGCS staff in 2020.

Title: Director of Athletics

E-Mail: Devin.Paige@cgcseagles.org

Dept.: Athletics

Tel/Ext: 324

Pam Porter

Title: Registrar and Administrative Assistant to the Director of Student Services

E-Mail: pam.porter@cgcseagles.org

Dept.: Student Services

Tel/Ext: 331

Joyce Rivers

Joyce Rivers is a 1988 graduate of Norwich University, the Military College of Vermont. Miss Rivers attended the nation's oldest private military college on an Army ROTC scholarship and completed her four-year degree program in three years. Upon graduation, Rivers was commissioned in the United States Army Intelligence Corps and served four years on active duty in the Army Intelligence and Security Command (INSCOM) during Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm. After her initial active duty service obligation was complete, and sensing God's call to Christian education, Rivers transitioned to the Army Reserve where she served as an Intelligence and Civil Affairs Officer in the Special Operations Command. Simultaneously, she began preparing for a ministry in Christian teaching. Rivers taught at Northstar Christian Academy in Rochester, N.Y. from 1995-2000, when she was recruited by her alma mater to return as Assistant Commandant of Cadets and Director of Military and Veteran Student Affairs. She was reactivated during the Global War on Terrorism, serving at Fort Bragg, N.C., and then returning to the Military College at Norwich University where she continued to serve for almost a decade and a half. Upon separating from Norwich University and the Vermont State Militia, Rivers substitute taught in Vermont at Websterville Christian Academy and Randolph Union High School until she was called to Maryland to continue in the Christian teaching ministry. Rivers has taught secondary General Science, Earth Science, Spanish I & II, Old and New Testament Surveys, and English Language and Literature.

Title: High School English Teacher

E-mail: joyce.rivers@cgcseagles.org

Anita Rollinson 

Title: Health Aide

E-mail: anita.rollinson@cgcseagles.org

Errol Russell

Errol Russell graduated from the Midland Bible Institute, Jamaica, West Indies, with an Advanced Certificate in Biblical Studies. He later earned a BA in Biblical Studies (from Central Christian University located in Lexington, North Carolina. He then attended graduate school at Capital Bible Seminary (now Capital Seminary) in Lanham  MD, where he earned a Master’s degree (M.A.) in Biblical Studies. He is currently pursuing post-graduate studies with the doctoral department at Lancaster Bible College/Capital Seminary.

Mr. Russell taught for several years in the local Christian school system before he joined the staff at GBCS for 2022-2023.

Title: High School Bible Teacher

E-mail: errol.russell@cgcseagles.org

Michelle Savage

Mrs. Savage worked as a cook in the GBCS kitchen from 2003-2007 and returned to GBCS as the Kitchen Manager in 2013-2014. She also runs a catering company that will celebrate 17 years. She has been a member of Grace Brethren Church for 31 years. She is married (38 yrs) and has one son that graduated from GBCS in 2007. Mrs. Savage has 3 wonderful grandchildren, two of which currently attend Grace.

Title: Kitchen Manager

E-Mail: michelle.savage@cgcseagles.org

Dept.: Food Services

Tel/Ext: 335

Rachael Savage

Rachael Savage received a Bachelors in Forensic Chemistry and a Masters in Forensic Science from Towson University. She is a GBCS alumna and attended the school from kindergarten to 12th grade. She teaches Biology, Chemistry Forensics, and Physical Science. 

Title: High School Science Teacher

E-mail: rachael.savage@cgcseagles.org

Tanya Settles

Title: Assistant Kitchen Manager

E-mail: tanya.settles@cgcseagles.org

Benjamin Smith

Mr. Smith graduated from GBCS in 1999, where he was co-valedictorian of his class.  He received his BS degree in Youth Ministry from Nyack College in 2003, and has been working with military first-responders for the last 10 years. He began teaching at GBCS for the 2016-2017 school year.  Mr. Smith also assists with the Varsity Boys soccer team.

E-mail: ben.smith@cgcseagles.org

Dept.: Maintenance

Tel/Ext. 466

Kendra Stroman

Mrs. Stroman graduated from Washington Bible College with a BS in elementary education. She did her student teaching at GBCS during the 2008-2009 school year and joined the staff for the 2011-2012 term.

Title: K5 Teacher

E-mail: kendra.stroman@cgcseagles.org

Dept.: Education

Tel/Ext: 477

Beverly Swinson

I have worked as a Christian Educator since 2000.  I received my Doctorate in Ministry in 2020.  I have been married to my husband Steve for 34 years.  Steve is a Branch Chief in the technology field.  We have 7 children - all over 18 years of age; I also have 6 grandchildren.  Five of my children graduated from Christian school.   I am a lover of knowledge, and I love God’s word. 

Title: Teacher

E-mail: beverly.swinson@cgcseagles.org

Rebekah Woods

Title: Art Teacher

E-mail: rebekah.woods@cgcseagles.org

Dept.: Education

Tel/Ext: 427

Judi Vanderhoof

Mrs. Vanderhoof is a Maryland Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor. She earned an AA degree in Secondary Education from Prince George’s Community College in 1990, a BS degree from the University of Maryland in Business Management in 2003,  Master’s degree in Christian Counseling from Capitol Bible Seminary in 2007, and additional continuing education and training from Liberty University. Over the past 17 years she has gained extensive experience working with middle school and high school youth and young adults at Grace Brethren Church in Clinton, where she also served as the church secretary. She joined the staff of GBCS for the 2007-2008 school year.

Title: School Counselor/Psychology Teacher

E-Mail: judi.vanderhoof@cgcseagles.org

Dept.: Student Services

Tel/Ext: 327

Kenneth Worley

Title: Bible Teacher

E-mail: kenneth.worley@cgcseagles.org