Summer Activities

First Things

First of all, it's been so great to have you in my class

Take time to organize your notes from your classes.  

Plan for next year

Participate in specialized high school programs

Prince George’s County Public Schools (PGCPS)

Prince George's Community College

University of Maryland


Summer Camps

Volunteer in your community

Help feeding animals at an animal shelter.

Volunteer with your library.

Do a service project, such as Habitat for Humanity (Habitat for Humanity is a global nonprofit Christian housing organization).

Volunteer visiting residents at a nursing home.

Activities that will make admission to college easier

Start your SAT or ACT test prep

Make college visits

Plan activities that will make admission to college easier

Classes and Internships

Learn programming or study STEM topics

Take a free online class

Online courses that charge a fee and/or offer a free trial

Participate in visual arts classes or camps

Be an entrepreneur


Help out at home

Take care of yourself

Learn a new skill