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Jada Harris

Title: Director of Education, Lead Administrator


Dept.: Admin Office

Tel/Ext: 358

Jada Harris is an experienced educator with a passion for shaping young minds and fostering a Christ-centered environment. With over 30 years of dedication to the field of education, Jada has made a profound impact on countless students' lives throughout her career.

With a Bachelor of Science degree in Middle School Education and General Science from Wesleyan College, she bolstered her teaching foundation with a Master of Education in Educational Leadership from Regent University. Her academic qualifications and educational experiences have equipped her with the knowledge and skills necessary to provide exceptional leadership and guidance to the school and its community.

Jada's journey at Clinton Grace Christian School began in 2001, where she served as Science and Math teacher for middle school, progressing into the role of Director of Education and Discipline. Today Jada is the Lead Administrator and Director of Education. In partnership with Clinton Grace Church, her unwavering commitment to the school's mission and values has been instrumental in its growth and success over the past two decades.

As the Director of Education, Jada and her team strive to create a loving and nurturing environment where students have the opportunity to experience salvation and discipleship. She believes in offering an academically excellent education that not only prepares students for their future careers but also develops them into responsible citizens who represent Christ in every aspect of life. Jada's hope and passion for the students at Clinton Grace Christian School are that “when they graduate, their achievements and character will be noticed wherever they go - by the community, higher education institutions, and colleagues in the workplace.” She strives to ensure that the Christian educational institution she leads loves, trains, and prepares students to walk their path with excellence, equipping them for a future filled with faith and success.

Sue Gilmour

Sue Gilmour received a certificate from the Medix School in 1980 as a medical assistant. She ran a home-based transcription business for 22 years, and has worked over the past 17 years as a classroom aide, library assistant, substitute teacher, and substitute health aide at GBCS. She joined the full-time staff in 2008.

Title: Administrative Secretary


Dept.: Administration

Tel/Ext: 320

Anita Mudge

Mrs. Mudge has worked for Christian Schools since 1984. She joined the GBCS staff in 1990.

Title: Accounts Payable/Benefits


Dept.: Administration

Tel/Ext: 346 

Linda Brooks

Title: Accounts Receivable 


Tel/Ext: 351